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Donations to Ammi Ministry

Ammi Ministry Is a 501(c)(3) Tax-exempt, Non-profit Organization

We are very pleased you are considering making a donation to Ammi Ministry. There are a number of convenient ways to do this. Perhpas the easiest is through your purchases at Amazon.

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Simply click this link when you want to shop at Amazon:

When you shop through this link, Amazon will donote 0.5% of your purchase at no additional cost or expense to you. You can also simply go to and then select Ammi Ministry as your charity for that purchase.

There are other convenient ways to help support Ammi Ministry. You can do so by mailing us a check at the address to the right, or you can use PayPal together with a major credit card. There are two ways to make donations through PayPal:

If you prefer an option not listed below, please contact us:

Ammi Ministry
P.O. Box 7907
North Port, FL 34290

Telephone: 215-843-1764

PayPal: One-time Donation

Use the Button below to make a one-time donation to Ammi Ministry. The button will take you to the PayPal Web site where you can specify the amount you wish to contribute and the method of payment.

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PayPal: Regularly Scheduled Donations

The options in the table below will let you make donations automatically on a regular basis.

Select the amount and frequency of your contributions in the table below and press the button to set up the donation. The button will take you to the PayPal Web site where you can specify the method of payment.

Star of David













You can cancel regular donations at any time by following the instructions provided after the donation is set up or by clicking on the button below.

Click here to cancel a repeating donation.

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