Comfort, Comfort My People, Says the Lord...Isaiah 40:1

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Messianic Literary Corner Logo

Messianic Literary Corner

The Messianic Literary Corner takes a strong stand for the "Gospel of Grace" and provides a defense for the teachings that are often ignored in the Messianic community. It also presents thought provoking Messianic prophecy studies and scientific/archeological support for Biblical events that are often regarded as myth.

Shofar Logo

Messianic Jewish Community Beliving in Yeshua HaMashiach

We take part in moderate evangelizing work to help Jewish people understand their identity and recognize Yeshua as their Jewish Messiah. We also believe our ministry has to fulfill spiritual, mental, and physical needs. Thus a Charity Foundation is a part of our congregational life, which aims to reach the poor, primarily amongst Jewry.

Rock of Israel Logo

Rock of Israel

Seeking to proclaim Messiah by serving our community.

Ask Dr. Brown

Ask Dr. Brown

Dr. Michael L. Brown is founder and president of ICN Ministries, which is devoted to taking the message of repentance and revival to Israel, the Church, and the Nations. As a Jewish believer in Jesus, Dr. Brown is active in Jewish evangelism, debating rabbis on radio, TV, and college campuses, as well as teaching the Church about God's eternal purposes for Israel and the Jewish people.

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Rediscovering the Bible Logo

Rediscovering the Bible

In-depth Bible study. A Web site dedicated to encouraging a deeper study of the Bible, the inerrant Word of God. The site contains numerous reprints of classic works in theology, church history, and preaching; almost one hundred interactive Bible quizzes; several original technical papers by us; a "Daily Devotional from the Classics" (365 excerpts from great preachers and theologians, past and present); and much more..

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These links are provided for those wishing to investigate Christian apologetics in areas other than the Messiahship of Jesus. Ammi Ministry does not necessarily endorse the entire content of every organization listed here.

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