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Church Presentations

Ammi Ministry is available to make the following presentations to your church or school. Please contact us if you are interested. For more information about Ammi Ministry, see our doctrinal statement and ministry profile.

***** Christ in the Feasts of Israel *****

God has given the church a wonderful picture of Christ's ministry--past, present, and future--through the seven Feasts of Israel. AMMI presentations are Christ-centered and taught from a Reformed perspective. The teachings show the connection between the Feast Days and Christianity, and they are appropriate for worship services and Sunday School classes. Churches have also scheduled these programs on days other than Sunday (for example, a midweek prayer night or a fellowship dinner on a Friday or Saturday) and have had good attendance.

Gospel Presented

The prophetic details of the feasts are used to challenge unbelievers to repent and believe in Jesus. Believers are challenged to rejoice in their salvation and serve the Lord with a grateful heart. The illustrated nature of the presentations makes the Word of God memorable and exciting for adults and children alike.

Attract Visitors

The Feast Day presentations are popular and often bring out visitors. They afford a good opportunity for your members to bring unsaved people to hear the Gospel as it is presented in a unique manner. A publicity kit is sent to each church hosting an AMMI presentation. It contains a press release, photograph of our representative, and a graphic flyer suitable for a church bulletin or for the general public.

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***** Christ in the Passover *****

Christ in the Passover is a popular presentation. It ties in with Easter and the Lord's Supper. A demonstration table is set up with objects and elements used in Jewish homes to remember the Exodus story. These elements are used during the 50-minute presentation (time can be adjusted) to explain the prophetic picture of the saving grace of God through Jesus Christ. The background of the Lord's Supper is also explained, and it is not unusual for a church to partake of communion in conjunction with this Passover Demonstration.

There are two ways the Passover can be presented:


A table is set with the Passover elements, and our speaker stands behind the table and uses those element to bring the message.

Passover Dinner

The people sit at tables already set with some of the same elements as are on the demonstration table. Our speaker stands behind the demonstration table and leads in the Passover. The congregation actively participates in the program by tasting food and drink, reading Scripture, and reciting prayer. It is a wonderful learning experience, and one that is enjoyable for children as well as adults. The church may wish to serve either a meal or desserts after the main part of the demonstration (approximately l hour), and this is perfectly acceptable; any food may be served. If the church wishes to try authentic Jewish food, AMMI will supply a suggested menu and recipes. Frequently we have presented "Christ in the Passover" dinners on Friday, Saturday, and other weeknights, in addition to our teaching at Sunday or Wednesday services.

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***** First Fruits and Pentecost *****

The focus of these two feasts is the resurrection of Jesus, the Gospel, dependence on God for physical and spiritual well-being, God's ongoing harvest of souls into His Kingdom, and the unity and nature of the church.

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***** The Fall Feasts *****

Trumpets focuses on the Holiness of God, the return of the Lord, and the promise of resurrection and eternal life.

The Day of Atonement emphasizes God's judgment and the reality of hell, the need to repent and believe in Jesus, and God's forgiveness and grace through Jesus Christ.

The Feast of Tabernacles illustrates God's abundant provision and our intimate relationship with Him and the Kingdom of God, the eternal home of believers.

Beautiful artistic overheads are available to illustrate this presentation.

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***** Non-biblical Feasts *****

The Feast of Dedication, or Hanukkah, illustrates how God preserved Judaism and the Temple for the coming of Christ at his advent. It also illustrates faithfulness to God, His ability to help His people overcome difficulty, and the servanthood of Jesus.

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***** Purim *****

The feast of Purim focuses on the book of Esther, a book that relates how God saved His people from the wicked plot of Haman. Purim, then, points back to that great deliverence and celebrates God's care for His people in difficult circumstances by providentially arranging events. This teaching may be presented in two ways:

  • Worship Service, Sunday School Teaching, or Sermon
  • Theatrical Play

The theatrical play presentation is great fun. The Word of God is presented in a unique and memorable fashion when church members become characters from the Book of Esther. All dialog for the parts is from the NIV Bible. The AMMI speaker narrates the presentation and brings a brief summary teaching. If the church approves, noise makers are passed out, and every time the name of Haman is mentioned the audience tries to drown out his name--just as they do in the synagogue today.

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***** Highlights of Jewish Culture *****

This topic would be appropriate for a Sunday School setting. A slide show and handout are used to highlight major aspects of Jewish culture.

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***** Jewish Evangelism: Sunday School Class *****

This is a 40-50 minute Sunday School presentation, using a handout and artistic overheads, which gives a basic understanding of the correct approach when witnessing to Jewish people.

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***** Jewish Evangelism Seminar *****

The goal of this seminar is to help Christians become more knowledgeable about Jewish people, to increase their willingness to witness to their Jewish contacts, and to be ready to respond to the usual Jewish arguments against the Gospel. The seminar includes a 28-page booklet of witnessing material, which is also be useful in witnessing to non-Jews.

Seminary Subjects Covered

The seminar is usually taught in two sessions, Friday evening and Saturday morning, but can also be fully taught on a Saturday. It uses a PowerPoint presentation and covers the following subjects.

  • Jewish demographics and religiosity (local and national)
  • The highlights of Jewish Culture
  • The branches of Judaism and their doctrines
  • Judaism's holy books and Rabbinical traditions
  • Major obstacles to witnessing to Jewish people (historical, general, and theological)
  • Responding to the major obstacles and theological difficulties (for example, salvation by works, the Trinity, no Messianic Kingdom after Jesus, God cannot be a man)
  • Witnessing from the Old Testament
  • An overview of major Messianic Scriptures and Jewish feast days
  • Bridging with Jewish individuals and community
  • Evangelism resources: books, tracts, videos

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***** Feasts of Israel Bible Conference *****

All seven feasts are taught. If time permits, there is also a section on the Gospel and Christian doctrines found in the Old Testament.

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***** Jewish Evangelism Sermon *****

"Seeing the Jewish People Through the Eyes of Jesus"

To dramatically illustrate the difficulty of witnessing to Jewish people, beautifully designed overheads (approved by the church) are used during this presentation. The sermon focuses on the Christian's responsibility to demonstrate love toward all people groups, and on his own need to be diligent in the study of the Bible so as to avoid false doctrines. The teaching and sermon may be presented just as effectively without the overheads.

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***** Motivational Sermons *****

"Overcoming Fear"

This sermon is based on Deuteronomy 31 and the life of Old Testament prophets. It urges believers to trust in the Lord to accomplish all that He has called them to do--in every area of life.

"The Discipleship of Evangelism"

It is necessary that each one of us be an ambassador for Christ. In this sermon Christians are given the encouragement and tools needed for evangelism.

Additional sermons and teachings are available.

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***** Teaching References *****

Listed below are ministers who recommend and approve the teachings presented by AMMI Ministry.

  • Rev. Doug Winne, Lancaster Evangelical Free Church, Lititz, PA
  • Rev. Rick Tyson, Calvary Presbyterian Church, Willow Grove, PA
  • Rev. J. Phillip Stogner, Jr., Two Rivers PCA, North Charleston, SC
  • Rev. Tom Koch, Washington Avenue Bible Church, Ephratah, PA
  • Rev. Martin Payne, Lakey Gap Presbyterian Church, Black Mountain, NC
  • Professor Dr. Elias Mederios, Reformed Theological Seminary, Jackson, MS
  • Professor Dr. Robert Newman (retired), Biblical Theological Seminary, Hatfield, PA (now resides in North Garden, VA)

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***** Booking Information *****

If you are interested in any of the above presentations for your church or school, click here for contact information.

Rev. Ron Elkin, director and founder of Ammi Ministry, is our main teacher. Click here to read his background and testimony.

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