Comfort, Comfort My People, Says the Lord...Isaiah 40:1

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Statement of Purpose

Fundamental Goal

AMMI's goal is to glorify Messiah Jesus and achieve lasting spiritual fruit in dependence upon him (John 15:1-8).


AMMI, with the guidance of the Holy Spirit, desires to bring Jewish people to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ through a variety of evangelistic activities. It seeks to communicate the Gospel in a creative way using Gospel literature and audio and visual media. Through these means it hopes to show facts and information about the Gospel that relate to the culture, history, and society of the Jewish people.

Mercy Ministry

AMMI desires to touch the hearts of Jewish people through expressions of empathy and love. This task is accomplished by showing practical concern in areas of their need. Knowing that the Jewish people have been hurt by centuries of anti-Semitism, we are bringing to churches teachings which help dispel the prejudice many Christians have toward the Jewish people. We also promote Christian love and understanding of the Jewish people as a means of healing, and as a witness to the love of Jesus and the reality of the Gospel.


AMMI's goal is to involve the Church in evangelizing the Jewish community. Therefore, AMMI is working with local churches in developing outreach ministries to the Jewish people in their area, and helping individual Christians learn how to effectively witness to their Jewish neighbors and friends. We are imparting a vision among believers by encouraging them with the knowledge and assurance that Jewish people can and are being saved. It is also our goal to promote better understanding and acceptance of Jewish people by the Church.

Discipleship Training

AMMI disciples new Jewish believers in the basics of the faith. We emphasize the need to join Bible-believing congregations. We strive to help both Jews and Gentiles recognize the unity of the Body of Christ. We are committed to developing attractively-illustrated discipleship material for groups and individual Jewish believers.

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