Comfort, Comfort My People, Says the Lord...Isaiah 40:1

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Resources for Christians

I am not ashamed of the gospel,
because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes:
first for the JEW,
then for the Gentiles.
-- Romans 1:16 --

The menu items in this division of the Ammi Ministry Web site provide materials for Christians who wish to learn more about Jewish feasts and customs, biblical prophecy, and sharing the Gospel with Jewish friends.

"Old Testament Studies" ("Tanakh Studies") and "Theological Studies" contain Bible-study articles that are of interest to both Jewish inquirers and Christians. The section "Audio & Video" contains recorded presentations that Ron Elkin has brought in churches. "Witnessing Tools" contain articles helpful to Christians who would like to engage in Jewish evangelism.

A number of menu items pop up under "Additional Resources," In "Ammi Ministry Presentations," you can find the different live presentations that we can provide to your church or Sunday School. "Coming Events" give you teaching and preaching engagements for Ron Elkin, and Ammi Ministry "Newsletters" keep you informed of ministry activities and prayer requests. For those who wish to pursue Jewish studies in more depth, "Recommended Books" and "Helpful Links" provide excellent material.

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